[H]8/8 Azshara down! AotC is us!

[H]8/8 Azshara down! AotC is us!

In just three short pulls last Wednesday we downed the wicked witch of the sea! Unfortunately, we used to ‘zerg’ strategy on her that is a little lame, but can be done when your raid DPS pump as much as ours do! We went ahead and ignored the siren adds that drain the seals, and just straight focused on Azshara. While still a victory, we’re hoping blizzard makes it so that you must engage with the mechanics of the sirens!

We marched on to Mythic and had as close as 10% attempt on the first boss. She’s a doozy on mythic, but I’m confident we’ll get her down this week after a few more pulls. It’s quite the endurance fight, and losing DPS early hurts A LOT! But I’m confident once we down her, we’ll be 3/8 Mythic in no time.

We’ve got an infinitas meme by Bigtuna for this momentous event! Enjoy!

As usual you can find our logs here:



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