[H]7/8 – Z’dudemanguy down!

[H]7/8 – Z’dudemanguy down!

Been slacking on the posts! We’ve been moving fast so it has been hard to keep up!

We had been rocketing through heroic with relative ease, two phasing lady ashvane, and decimating jelly fish dude and queen’s court. Za’qul was a bit of a roadblock but he only slowed us down for a day! Just gotta get dem boomies into the delirium realm, right!? (and Red, I guess)

infinitas is now working on Heroic Azshara, and boy is that a doozy of a fight! Mechanics on top of mechanics on top of mechanics! But we’ll get there soon, I can feel it! Check back soon for a Tuna-kill meme special! (the last boss is always the best one!)

In lieu of a kill meme I have a oldie but a goodie from our guild discord. It’s a picture of mastah’s work station, he made the mistake of taking a picture of it, and as we do, we took liberties.

As usual you can find our raid logs here:



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