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Month: July 2019

[N]Eternal Palace Clear, first three of heroic down!

[N]Eternal Palace Clear, first three of heroic down!

I’ve been slacking on the posts lately! The first few weeks have been mighty eventful for infinitas. The first couple weeks were almost full clears in normal, and just this past week we downed Azshara on normal along with the first three bosses on heroic!

Lady Ashvane is going to be quite the DPS/Gear check as the fight ramps up each absorb shield you have to go through. But we’ll down her soon enough!

We’re hoping for a full normal clear this week in one two hour night on Tuesday, and on Wednesday we’re hoping to get passed Lady Ashvane on heroic, or at-least some solid progress on it.

As usual you can find our logs here:

If you’re interested in join infinitas just get in touch with one of our officers! No infinitas kill memes today, maybe next time!