Mythic Grong down! Double progression week!

Mythic Grong down! Double progression week!

Taking out Heroic Uno wasn’t enough for infinitas this week, we were thirsty for some more progression! After a heartbreaking 0.5% wipe due to hitting the enrage timer, we knuckled down and handily defeated monkey boi. I think the meat Tuna and Taaliah were feeding him was slowing him down! #meatflingers

After downing the monkey boi, we were feeling brave and started tackling Mythic Jade Masters. Now that is a tough fight! But we managed to make our way to the ‘intermission’ phase, which seems like quite the doozy. But I think we’re well on our way to taking them down in short order!

Bigtuna has been working overtime this week and has gifted us with another one of his original pieces, which you can enjoy below!

You can find our logs for the night here:


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