[H]The wicked witch beaten, Jaina down. Ahead of the Curve gained!

[H]The wicked witch beaten, Jaina down. Ahead of the Curve gained!

We’ve been working hard on Heroic Jaina for about three weeks now, and last night, with one last overtime pull (we could feel it, okay!?) we brought her down quite handily!

This boss was much harder than G’huun ever was. The hardest part is the very end, when she goes balls to the wall and any misstep can spell disaster. Especially those frost orbs. You have to do them, or your whole group gets frozen. That was the toughest part for us, but once we realized it, we had her down in no time!

We’ll be trucking right along, trying to do Mythic when numbers allow, and continuing through Heroic Crucible. Where instead of everything being blue, everything is now purple. Love that color palette variety Blizz!

As is our tradition Bigtuna has created us a grossly inappropriate custom image to celebrate or victory over the filthy alliance racist: (while fighting her, we made star wars jokes about a proton torpedo taking out Jaina, you can see where that led)

As usual you can find our logs for the night here:

Auro managed to grab the last moments of our kill, you can find us celebrating our victory here: (You can feel the focus!)


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