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Month: March 2019

Heroic Rastakhan Down! Mekka close!

Heroic Rastakhan Down! Mekka close!

After a few weeks of rebuilding our raid core, we finally powered through Heroic Conclave. We marched our way to King Rastakhan, spirits were high and focus was tight, and we were riding ‘high’ (take that as you will) from our victory. We ended up taking down the King in just two short pulls!

After taking King Rastakhan down so quickly we were feeling quite cocky and started to tackle Heroic Mekkatorque. This fight is no small feat, it requires coordination, focus, and a silent voice chat during the color combination phases. The mechanic I was most worried about turned out to be a mechanic we excelled at. After only a few pulls we found ourselves consistently getting Mekkatorque down to 10-15%! But boy is that a tough 10%.

While we did not down him last night, I’m confident he’ll be dying next Tuesday or Wednesday when we face him again. In celebration of our new King Rastakhan kill, Bigtuna has crafted us a fine piece of media:

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As usual you can find our logs for the night here: