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Month: October 2018

[H] 7/8 Already! Heroic G’huun going down next week!

[H] 7/8 Already! Heroic G’huun going down next week!

Been slacking on the posts, as we’ve continued trucking through heroic!

Last post, we had just started out Heroic progress with a Taloc and Mother kill. We have quickly been making progress each week. We quickly trounced Fetid and Vectis, then only taking a few attempts on Zek’Vos , the beetle man fell! After those short two weeks we were already hitting up heroic Zul and Mythrax!

Just this week we downed Heroic Zul and Mythrax. Amazingly enough, heroic Mythrax was downed after only a few serious attempts. Well done team! One more to go!

We then got to see the craziness that is heroic G’huun. G’huun may be a bit of a speedbump for us, but I’m confident we’ll be officially be ‘Ahead of the Curve’  next week for certain! Watch out for all the fuzzy balls and poop humor! ( invites these antics!)

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