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Month: September 2017

[H]Fallen Avatar Down!

[H]Fallen Avatar Down!

This guy was a bit of a roadblock for infinitas, but our dogged determination and willingness to bash our heads against a wall over and over paid off! It’s a boss that requires tight mechanics, and even tighter DPS. The boss finally came crashing down after numerous single percent wipes. We downed Heroic Fallen Avatar Monday night 9/18.

As per usual, Nydus has graced us with some fun art:

Here the logs from the night of the kill:

As you can tell, we made a good first shot at Heroic Killa’ Jay and got him to phase 2 without much fuss. But we’ll have a bit to learn on him me thinks.

We are now 8/9 heroic and hungry for that full clear!