Hello and welcome! infinitas leminiscus is a Horde guild based on the Lightning’s Blade server, we are also connected to the Onyxia and Burning Blade servers.

We’re a large guild with a very tight nit core group. The core of infinitas leminiscus is made up of real life friends, family, and long time WoW friends. Our primary focus is casual raiding and having fun, while not having to invest an inordinate amount of time into the game. (Yes, we’re filthy casuals!)

First and foremost, we are a guild of adults, while all ages are welcome within infinitas leminiscus, we do not put a filter on ourselves, nor do we expect anyone to filter themselves, within reason.

Our focus is on having fun and enjoying eachother’s company along the way.

Our History and Tenets

Infinitas really didn’t start hitting it’s raiding stride until Legion, in the Emerald Nightmare. Looking over the logs from September 2016, I see such a small raid group, we’ve come a long way since then. We learned a lot in those early days and did a lot of growing.

We decided what was important to us and what kind of community we wanted to build. That drive, to be as welcoming as possible and to trust people to improve and create an attitude of positivity, to only sit individuals when absolutely necessary or in the most dire of circumstances is what has made infinitas the guild it is today. We’ve built such a great community and made so many great friends over the years. If we sat every joe smoe that didn’t perform well, or excluded individuals for playing poorly, We would not have the community we have today.

infinitas was built upon: Inclusiveness, Positivity, Friends, and Family. These things are the SOUL that we, as a guild, have nourished and guided to maturity. We are committed to continuing this trend and dedicated to offering a bastion for the casual raider seeking a home.