[7/12] H Ny’alotha only a few weeks in!

[7/12] H Ny’alotha only a few weeks in!

We never downed Ashvane in Mythic before the holiday break. But we’re making up for that now with how fast we’re trucking through heroic in Ny’alotha!

In the first week of the new raid, we downed ourselves the first two bosses on heroic and almost had Maut! From there we’ve been steadily taking down new heroic bosses every week, this week we downed three new heroic bosses, Vexiona, Hivemind, and Ra-den! We have recently secured 9th in the realm as well, fun!

We only raid four hours a week, considering that we are making very rapid progress. We hope to make our way down the ‘butthole’ next week and perhaps secure ourselves realm rank 6! Supposedly Carapace is a joke as well!

As is infinitas tradition, Bigtuna has graced us with another meme to commemorate our kills so far in heroic: (oh and a special mention to the only folks in our raid that receive BoEs!)

If you want to see our logs from our fights you can find them here:


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