[M]3/8 Mythic is us!

[M]3/8 Mythic is us!

Wow! I have been slacking big time lately! Infinitas is now 3/8 in Mythic. We downed Radiance two weeks ago and downed Behemoth just last week. (he’s so much easier than radiance)

Radiance was a bit of a block for us, but not for too long. Those add phases are just really rough, and we were having issues with smoothing out those transitions, but it didn’t take long for our awesome raid team to get the hang of it!

After downing Radiance we came really close to downing Behemoth only a few pulls into fighting it for the first time, but we ran out of time. However, just this past week we went back in, one shot first boss, two shot radiance, and then after just a few pulls of Behemoth we had him down too!

Lady Ashvane is going to be a really tough boss to get through, our DPS have to be onpoint, our healers have to pump, and now we have three tanks? Silly mythic strats sometimes, eh?

To celebrate I have not one, but TWO Bigtuna inspired memes coming ‘atcha! Try to keep your pants on!

If you’re looking for our logs check them out here:



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