[M]1/8 Debuff Lady Dead. Realm Rank 6 is us!

[M]1/8 Debuff Lady Dead. Realm Rank 6 is us!

Exciting news, infinitas is now in the big time! The Mythic raiding guild big time. (Once a week anyways!) This puts us in 6th place on realm rank, we’re just two bosses away from 5th place!

Wednesday night, after just our second pull we managed to take out Sivara on Mythic difficulty. Boy was she a tough one! Our kill was well after the enrage timer as everyone alive spread out and we watched our dots and our few raiders left chip the last few percent away. It was exhilarating!

We got some solid attempts into Radiance, and got into a rhythm, we should be downing Radiance no problem next week!

To celebrate this momentous occasion Bigtuna has graced us with one of his signature infinitas leminiscus kill memes! (TM)

As usual you can find our logs for the night here:



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