[H]Uu’nat sleeping with the fishes!

[H]Uu’nat sleeping with the fishes!

Last night marked a great achievement, we finally downed Heroic Uu’nat, or who I will henceforth reference as Uno for short. Heroic Uno was one of our biggest challenges, the bosses mechanics were extremely unique and required a good rhythm and strategy to overcome. Knowing when to activate and call out artifact usage was no easy feat.

We had been working on her for about a month, (once a week) but we toppled her down on just our second attempt of the night! Next up, Mythic Monkey boi, who should be going down tonight! I’m getting that staff, dangit!

As is our infinitas tradition, we get a ‘Bigtuna original’ for our efforts!

You can find our logs for the night here:

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