Heroic Mekkatorque down, Blockage almost cleared!

Heroic Mekkatorque down, Blockage almost cleared!

Infinitas continues it’s triumphant March towards heroic difficulty domination with a fresh MekkaTorque kill last week! The discord became a cacophony of battle cries as we brought this stuck up little gnome down to his knees. As he fell we continued to savagely beat him as we screamed into our microphon… ahem, yea we got him.

Feeling confident we took on the Blockade, or as everyone is now calling it, the Blockage, imodium anyone? Jokes aside, we thrashed the boat phase like it was nothing, and we ended up getting Blockade down to about 38% in just a few short pulls. We will definitely be on Heroic Jaina this week!

As is our tradition, I present to you our kill graphic, created by none other than the Bigtuna himself. This one is especially referential:

As usual, you can find our logs here: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guild/calendar/147474/


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