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Month: February 2019

Heroic Conclave Down!

Heroic Conclave Down!

We’ve been blazing through heroic ever since we downed Jaina. We’ve found ourselves clearing Heroic Conclave and putting it on farm in just one raid night of beating our stubborn heads against the wall. It’s such a great feeling when you spend the entire raid night progressing on one fight, and at the end of the night, final pull, you down em! What a great feeling!

Not once did we ever go backwards on our progress, never stagnating, improving each and every pull until we downed them. Heroic Conclave is one of the most mechanic heavy raid bosses I’ve had the pleasure of doing. It was no mean feat for us to take it down so quickly!

In celebration, Bigtuna/Nydus has graced us with one of his amazing boss clear graphics:

Infinitas is always looking for people that want to have fun while progressing. If this is something that sounds good to you, feel free to contact any of the officers in game!

I have recently added to our about section as well, check it out if you’re interested in what Infinitas is all about!

As usual you can find our logs here:

Full Normal Clear & 2/9 Heroic!

Full Normal Clear & 2/9 Heroic!

Despite many of our members cancelling their subs this expansion, we managed to get a normal clear done just last week. We were having a blast with the Normal Jaina fight, but we decided we had enough of her shenanigans and brought her down along with Heroic Champs and Heroic Grong on the same night!

Next week, our main raid will be nixing normal mode in favor of working on Heroic progress. Our normal mode raids will take place on Sunday, during the ‘alt’ raid. So sign up if you still want some normal action this week, I’m pretty sure I’ll be there as well!

Currently, we’re finding ourselves usually a bit short on healers, having DPS mains fill in, so if you’re a competent healer and looking for a fun raid group, look us up!

As usual, you can find our Warcraft logs here:

See you in game and happy raiding!