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Month: February 2018

[H]Varimathras & Coven Down!

[H]Varimathras & Coven Down!

Been slacking on the posts!

We downed Varimathras on heroic a couple weeks ago, (Feb 6th to be exact) we decided we needed a break from Heroic Coven which had already been wiping us for a couple of weeks. He wasn’t so tough once we had the positioning down. Just watch out for the disease!

We hit quite the wall when it comes to heroic Coven. This is a very awareness intensive fight, and we definately struggled with the combination of mechanics in this encounter. However, we didn’t give up and after about three or so weeks of being stuck on heroic Coven we finally downed them last night!

We got in some attempts on Aggramar, and we already got through one intermission, so I’m positive that we will have a Heroic Aggramar kill next week, and then we’ll be working on Heroic Argus for the full clear!

Here’s some infinitas art made by me! (Don’t judge)

Logs from the night: