[H] Four Bosses Down, One Night

[H] Four Bosses Down, One Night

We downed four new bosses tonight! As usual we went for the harder heroic boss first, so we could cram all our progression into one night! (Classic infinitas)

After wiping to Heroic Antorus Command ad nauseam other nights, we finally downed them after a quick two attempts. Then soldiered on to taking out Eonar, Portal Keeper, and Imonar. (Trashy McTrashman)

infinitas leminiscus is now 6/11 on Heroic!

Trashy McTrashman gets the first boss to actually hit a tank hard award. (He looks like trash!)

Here’s some art to to commemorate our victories, courtesy of Wags:


Next up Kin’garoth! We did a quick attempt on him and I think he’ll be a walk in the park!

You can find our logs for the night here:




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